How I Recovered my Disabled Gmail Account

Something ridiculous happened yesterday and you must have noticed that this blog was offline throughout yesterday displaying “this blog… has been removed”; I tried all I can to get it back but all effort proves to be barren.

The magic happened few minutes after the first post was published, then my email address was blocked. I later found out that via timigate that the IP address I used in accessing the net that morning was blacklisted and my worst fear was that I didn’t back up the blog.

I tried to contact Google support, and the only question I was asked was why should they re-enable the email back? I gave my reasons… and went back into hibernation mode.

Here is The Reason Why My Email Was disabled
Unfortunately for me that morning, I used my MTN dongle to access my mail with a private assigned I.P address NATed to a public IP, used by so many other subscribers.  Before I got that discouraging message from Google support that someone tried to use my mail to send a spam message which is against Google Policies.

Checked the IP address on blacklisted IP and I found out that it has been blacklisted. The body incharge of IP address tried severally to contact MTN that their Public assigned IP address has been black listed but MTN turn deaf ears.

Word of Advice
If you are using MTN internet services to access the internet including your email, please use a VPN otherwise you also stand the risk of losing your email. Once your email is disabled, all other Google services would be deleted.

The blog was restored and the email was re-enabled around 10PM last night. I’ve backed up the blog and my next option is to move to wordpress with a dedicated email address. I sincerely appreciate Hovatek, wizytechs and all of you who reached out to me during the time of this ordeal.

Family is everything… You guys are my family!